WOWZAPP 2012: Want to get involved?

I’m truly excited about WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows, and it’s great to see all these cities from all over the world joining the party. But what happens if you want to be part of this thing but don’t have a local place to go?

Why not run your own WOWZAPP 2012 mini-party? We’ll even help you get set up with registration and we’d love to put your event on the map. Of course, WOWZAPP 2012 is all about exploring, learning and creating apps for Windows so that’s a requirement but hey, isn’t that why you’re reading this blog!? Smile

If you’re interested, check out the info deck I’ve put up either on SlideShare or Skydrive.

Regardless though, I sincerely hope that you’ll get along to a WOWZAPP location and spend time with fellow developers and designers, creating Windows 8, Windows Phone and even Windows Azure applications! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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