Courses for Windows 8

If you’re teaching development in a school or college and want to bring your content up to date with the latest technologies, Microsoft has published three courses you can use directly in your classes.

The three courses are of different lengths and are designed for different class audience specific fields of study, so hopefully you’ll find something that works for your course.

Designing for Modern UI – A full 11 modules that provide lectures and tutorials with videos on how to design for the Windows 8 UI creating the top user experience.

App Development for Modern UI - this course contains 9 modules that cover the fundamental concepts of developing new style apps using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 with Microsoft's tools and resources.

App Development for Modern Devices - this course is for advanced users and runs for across three modules; it covers development systems for phones, tablets and desktop computers, focusing on 

a) fundamentals of building network aware software,
b) interfaces for touch and NUI devices such as Kinect;
c) graphics programming such as writing code that displays augmented reality experiences.

Of course, if you’re a student, you can download these courses and use them as self-study too!

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