Imagine Cup 2012 Game Design Finalists – Phone

Just as impressive as the games in my last post, here are the ten finalists headed to Sydney to compete for the Game Design Phone category of Imagine Cup. You’ll see a great variety of countries, game concepts and pretty much everything else, and all of this on the Windows Phone.

I want to reiterate my last blog’s comments – if you have built your game for Imagine Cup, whether you made it to Sydney or not, PLEASE consider publishing to the marketplace so that others can see how truly great you are.

Putting these links at the top of the post for easier access:

But, this post is all about the finalists, so here they are:



Action game about raising awareness of osteogenesis imperfecta.

AVe - Romania - CityQuest 3AVe - Romania - CityQuest 2


AVe – CityQuest – Game Trailer



Drexel Dragons – MathDash

United States

Fast thinking math puzzle game.

Drexel Dragons - US - MathDash 1Drexel Dragons - US - MathDash 2


Drexel Dragons – MathDash – Game Trailer

Ecosia – Ecosia


2D platform-puzzle game set in the future about environmental topics.

Ecosia - France - Ecosia 2Ecosia - France - Ecosia 3


Ecosia – Ecosia – Game Trailer

Gaon Nuri – Knocking Hope


Action game tasking you to build a village around the Millennium Development Goals.

Gaon Nuri - Korea - KnockingHope 2Gaon Nuri - Korea - KnockingHope 3


Gaon Nuri – Knocking Hope – Game Trailer

LevelUp – Never Future


Steampunk-themed open world adventure game about defeating trash monsters and unifying people.

LevelUp - Lithuania - Never Future 2LevelUp - Lithuania - Never Future 1


LevelUp – Never Future – Game Trailer

Monkey Pepper – Little Changes


A series of mini-games about the environment.

Monkey Pepper - Brazil - Little Changes 2Monkey Pepper - Brazil - Little Changes 3


Monkey Pepper – Little Changes – Game Trailer

Org.Com – Cronus


Turn back time in this puzzle game about fixing past events where things went wrong.

Org.Com Mobile - Indonesia - Cronus 2Org.Com Mobile - Indonesia - Cronus 3


Org.Com – Cronus – Game Trailer

Swifteam – Swifty Ball


Puzzle game about recycling.

Swifteam - France - Swifty Ball 2Swifteam - France - Swifty Ball 1


Swifteam – Swifty Ball – Game Trailer

Turtle Games – Rum Run


Action puzzle game which promotes global partnership and addressing world hunger and poverty through fair trading..

Turtle Games - Hungary - Rum Run 2Turtle Games - Hungary - Rum Run 1


Turtle Games – Rum Run – Game Trailer

Wicked Games – Yggdrasil: The Tree Of Life

Czech Republic

An Augmented-Reality (AR) Real Time Strategy game about environmental sustainability.

Wicked Games - Czech Republic - Yggdrasil - The Tree Of Life 3Wicked Games - Czech Republic - Yggdrasil - The Tree Of Life 1Wicked Games - Czech Republic - Yggdrasil - The Tree Of Life 2


Wicked Games – Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life – Game Trailer

You can see all of these teams, and their competition in these YouTube playlist I’ve set up:

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