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I am constantly discovering super cool apps for the Windows Phone and a team mate suggested I should start highlighting them so that others might find them too.

Parcel Tracker is an application that does one simple thing, and does it well. It allows you to track parcels from a number of shipping companies (the latest update has brought the number to over 40 from all over the world) from end to end. You choose the shipping company, enter the tracking number and save. Parcel Tracker does the rest. It adds each entry to your collection – a maximum of three in trial/free modes, so buy the app if you’re after more than three at a time – and will regularly update the status of the parcel.

So whether you are shipping to someone else, or you’ve got something headed your way, you can, at a glance, see where it’s at. The app capitalizes on Mango features too, giving you the ability to dock each shipment to your start screen too as a separate tile. You’ll see in the screenshots I took below, that I have three parcels – one from USPS, one from UPS and one from Fedex, all pinned to my start screen and being updated as their status changes (as a further FYI, the UPS shipment was something I sent, while the other two were headed to me).

Screen Capture (4)   Screen Capture (6)   Screen Capture (2)3 of 8

You can email the status to a friend or colleague, and you can drill down into an individual shipment and see its tracking history or even get a map view of where it is. An amazingly useful application that serves its purpose almost perfectly.

You’ll find Parcel Tracker here:

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