The last piece of the judging panel puzzle

The Imagine Cup 2011 finals will be held in New York City next week and I'm completely looking forward to meeting the teams as well as seeing how the competition turns out!


To finish the puzzle off, I am ecstatic to announce the last piece in the judging panel for Game Design, Imagine Cup 2011.  In addition to the stellar list of people participating, both from academia and industry, I can now announce that Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Joystiq, will also be present and forming part of the panel.


So, this means the final panel looks like this:


  • Kostas Anagostou – Greece
  • Lea Bartlett – Australia
  • Tracy Fullerton – United States
  • Hsin-Chien Huang – Taiwan
  • Patricio Jutard – Argentina
  • Frank Lee – United States
  • Andy Phelps – United States
  • Marina Pospergelis – Russia
  • Peter Raad – United States


  • Frank Azor – US – Dell
  • Phin Barnes – US – First  Round Capital
  • Gordon Bellamy – US – IGDA
  • Julian Gerighty – France – Ubisoft
  • Chris Grant - US - Joystiq
  • Jeremy Lee – US – Microsoft Game Studios
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi – Japan – Q Entertainment


So - there you have it - a complete judging panel, eagerly awaiting the fifteen teams who will compete head to head next week!

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