Presentation Order – Game Design Imagine Cup 2011

Every year we need to randomly select the order teams will present in at the Imagine Cup finals. Rather than do the traditional "name out of a hat" style drawing, last year I started a tradition for the Game Design category; to actually write a simple game in the same technology we ask the students to use - XNA.


This year I followed up with a game that looks like a hand of cards being drawn, one at a time. Each card has the team name, the game track they're competing in, a screenshot of their game, the game name and description and the country they are representing, both in flag and name form.


I build up a quick array with each team's details then loop through them, selecting one at random and pushing it to be the next card drawn, then display it in a fanned out fashion on screen.


Each of the three tracks is done in a different color scheme and I can switch back and forth between the tracks easily for review, or with the press of another button, reset it all and start again. It's a very simple game but does precisely what it needs to - randomly determines the order of presentations.


Check it out here:


PS. If you like the look of the trading card game format I've used for the game, there may be something a little more concrete at the world finals next week that looks very similar!

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