Meet the Game Design Judging Panel!

We always strive to provide a world class judging panel every year for Game Design. One that will be able to both judge the games effectively for Imagine Cup as well as being able to provide the students with good, solid feedback. In previous years, we’ve been able to select from a respected pool of senior lecturers from around the globe, and we’ve tried to enhance that with people from the games industry and other areas. Last year, we had David Wildgoose from Kotaku which gave us a super insightful level of review for judging purposes.

This year – we’re stepping it up. Because we have three tracks within the Game Design competition, and the world finals are arranged in such a way that the one group of judges cannot cover all team presentations, I got lucky and was able to recruit three groups of judges.

That means, MORE judges. 🙂

And more judges means we could invite even more people from the games industry. And even better – you guys and girls have been rocking Imagine Cup Game Design so good that the industry is sitting up and taking notice and wanting to see what you have to offer this year.

That means, MORE AWESOME judges! 🙂

So, who do we have? Who will the students get to present their games to this year at the worldwide finals in New York City in less than three weeks? Let’s take a look!


  • Kostas Anagostou – Greece
  • Lea Bartlett – Australia
  • Tracy Fullerton – United States
  • Hsin-Chien Huang – Taiwan
  • Patricio Jutard – Argentina
  • Frank Lee – United States
  • Andy Phelps – United States
  • Marina Pospergelis – Russia
  • Peter Raad – United States


  • Frank Azor – US – Dell
  • Phin Barnes – US – First Round Capital
  • Gordon Bellamy – US – IGDA
  • Julian Gerighty – France – Ubisoft
  • Jeremy Lee – US – Microsoft Game Studios
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi – Japan – Q Entertainment

Just from the names of the organisations listed, you should be able to see that this year’s panel really means business. But I wanted to highlight just three of these to show how truly awesome this bank of people is.

Gordon Bellamy – IGDA

Gordon is the Executive Director for the International Game Developers Association, worldwide. As such, he has a unique insight into the games industry, and how publishers, developers, gamers and journalists all approach video games and what it takes for success. Gordon is also an executive consultant for MTV Networks and is involved with the Spike TV Video Game Awards Show amongst many other exploits.

Julian Gerighty – Ubisoft

Julian is the IP Development Lead for Ubisoft Entertainment, worldwide. Before his current role, Julian was involved in the creation and production of such games as Tom Clancy’s EndWar, and the Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon series.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Mizuguchi-san is the founder of Q Entertainment, whose latest creation has just been released for Xbox 360 and Kinect – Child of Eden – to great acclaim. Previous games under Tetsuya’s belt include the famous Rez, as well as Space Channel 5, Ninety Nine Nights, Lumines and Sega Rally Championship, as well as being involved in games like Meteos, Every Extend Extra and Gunpey.

We are extremely privileged to have these three, as well as the other equally qualified judges, on our judging panel this year in New York City. I am really looking forward to seeing the competitors showcase their games!

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