Imagine Cup 2011 Game Design Competitor Showcase Part 2

The second part in a series showcasing the competitors from this year’s Game Design category in the Imagine Cup competition.

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[UPDATE: Complete series of gameplay videos can be found here]

Game Name: HercuHeli

Team Name: Bliizz

Country: US

In this mission you are the pilot of the HercuHeli, a special designed helicopter to deliver food, water, medicine and books. Because many of the countries which are in need of these items are engaged in wars, you cannot land the helicopter for the delivery. You need to drop the relief items on a parachute into a special container, pulled by a train.

You cannot drop more than 3 items on the ground instead of onto the train, or you will lose the game. Due to the ongoing wars, rockets will be fired at you. In case they hit your helicopter, it will crash and you lose the game. From time to time an apple will appear for you to catch. If you do so, it will provide a protective shield for your helicopter, which can take one hit from a rocket without your helicopter taking damage.

Nature will also make it hard for you: There is a big cloud, partly see through, that will block part of your sight. And then there is the small storm cloud. If your relief item falls through this cloud, its falling velocity will drastically be reduced, until it either passed through the cloud, or until the cloud passed sideways. Your high score will be saved for competitive game play. You can also earn certain achievements (18 in total), which will be saved in your achievement list.

Bliizz - HercuHeli - US 1Bliizz - HercuHeli - US 2Bliizz - HercuHeli - US 3

Game Name: SPERO

Team Name: Bloom Studios

Country: US

SPERO is a topical adventure game that focuses on the importance of environmental sustainability and a healthy ecosystem. Our goal with this project is to encourage players to piece together clean ways of building a better, brighter future. The game is intended to inspire a younger audience (our ideal age group is 5 – 13 years) with its vibrant cel-shaded art style and simplified game-play mechanics.

The main objective of SPERO is to explore a vast island discovering and implementing effective energy solutions. Players accomplish this by collecting pieces of windmills, solar panels, etc., while convincing the residents of the island to adopt greener lifestyle practices.  In order to win the game, players must complete a variety of tasks stemming from the core collection mechanic to fill the “EcoMeter”. This straightforward gameplay provides a fun, simple way for kids to exercise eco-friendly ideas within the colorful game world.

Bloom Studios - SPERO - US 1Bloom Studios - SPERO - US 2Bloom Studios - SPERO - US 3

Game Name: Free Cloud

Team Name: BSB IT

Country: Brazil

Free Cloud is a game made to Windows Phone in which the player is founder of a non-governmental organization. Alone or allied with their friends, the player will have the opportunity, through the NGO to go to several places in the world and trying to solve different problems. Players have the mission to help the world through the eight Millennium Goals set by the UN, to reverse the poverty, hunger and oppressive disease affecting billions of people. Based on these data we plan to help the region according to their needs.To achieve its goal, the player's main challenge is: directing all aids that fall from the cloud to the local community who most need them. Each local community has different needs, each of which can benefit different locations. During its journey, the player will face challenges such as natural phenomena, strong winds and nuclear accidents.

The game is integrated with social networking, disseminating information according to the model of knowledge construction and collaborative learning. Besides doing its part, is just as important to involve other individuals in society. Whenever aid is successful, the player wins followers to his cause, growing notoriety in the community. In multiplayer mode a group of players will join forces to help a particular region of the planet. Together they will help the region more effectively.

The goal is to educate the player on the global issues, according to the UN in a playful way, and encourage him to take action and involve everyone around in support of the Millennium Goals that represent some of the basic needs of humanity. 

BSB IT - Free Cloud - Brazil 1BSB IT - Free Cloud - Brazil 2BSB IT - Free Cloud - Brazil 3

Game Name: Kula Game

Team Name: Carael’s Team

Country: Poland

Kula Game is a 3D arcade logical game. It can be addressed to children, because it’s colorful and simple, and also to hardcore players as it’s simple to complete but hard to master. To solve the puzzle in an optimal way and get the highest score the player needs to create the best movement tactic, use all game objects and power ups and after all have great 3D orientation skill.

During the gameplay the player will visit 7 continents (each continent consists of 5 levels) and solve 1 particular problem that affects the continent. Starting from Africa that suffers from lack of water to South America where people are cutting down rainforests. Each continent will have its own local Kula hero – like Koala in Australia or Panda in Asia.

The game has its own online high scores system that gives players the possibility to compete for the best place in the global rank or daily rank for each level. The high scores are accessible directly from the game, on the website – or on the Facebook app - The game has also an achievement system for the entire game and all campaigns to encourage players to master the score and collect all items on each level, e.g. the first bonus will unlock when the global count of collected coins will exceed the limit of 1 000 000.

Careal's Team - Kula Game - Poland 1Careal's Team - Kula Game - Poland 2Careal's Team - Kula Game - Poland 3

Game Name: The Book of Elm

Team Name: Cellardoor

Country: Poland

We provide a game - “The Book of Elm” which is an inordinate old tome, where you are presented with interactive story of Elm. A small, pleasant creature which sets out on a quest to fix the mistakes that are done by the people all around. Elm using his own, slightly twisted logic travels the world “helping to solve” common problems. Story punchline proves that it is us who should care about environment. Especially because it usually takes simple and small steps which require little or no attention from us, but to creature like Elm it is always an adventure.

Our game helps to understand importance of taking care of environment in everyday life. The game was made to be as much accessible as possible, so it is build with web-based technology and runs in a browser. It offers a unique experience of interacting with the game world using shadows dropped either by an object held in front of web camera or controlled on the screen. The game supports multi-touch devices to provide an intuitive user interface.

The Book of Elm supports the concept of revitalization of reading books among young people. We want to encourage people to read to children, and children to read, by introducing a new way of perceiving a book - showing to kids it is fun to play with their imagination.


Cellardoor - The Book of Elm - Poland 1Cellardoor - The Book of Elm - Poland 2Cellardoor - The Book of Elm - Poland 3

Game Name: Yaelle

Team Name: ChocolateMoose

Country: Belgium

In Yaëlle, the player takes control over the eponymous main character, a young girl who wants to live her life.

She lives with her uncle, who has been supporting and protecting her thus far. However, since he got sick she has to take care of things herself, starting with a trip to the pharmacy to get her uncle’s medicine. It’s then when she finds out just how little she’s allowed to do. What seems like a simple task, turns out to be an unfair confrontation. Guards prohibit her from walking the streets without male companionship, pointing out the rules from the Scrolls of Faith she’s breaking.

She refuses to accept these ridiculous laws imposed by the Emperor, who puts the land under suppression. But even when avoiding the guards, she’s still restricted in everything she wants and needs to do. Even going to school appears to be a privilege reserved only for men. With no other choice but to resort to desperate measures, she decides to disguise herself as a boy. But even then, she has to act with the utmost care to prevent getting caught and punished for wanting to be normal.

In this top down-stealth game you take on the suppression imposed by the regime to win back your freedom and fight for your rights. Sneak, hide, push, pull, climb, work and explore in what should only be a game. 

ChocolateMoose - Yaelle - Belgium 1ChocolateMoose - Yaelle - Belgium 2ChocolateMoose - Yaelle - Belgium 3

Game Name: Green Guard

Team Name: CircleStudio

Country: Indonesia

Hey you! Don’t just sit there. Start build your forest guard system. Make sure to keep the world’s temperature cool by guarding your forest from illegal loggers. In this game, the trees are your treasure, even the world’s treasure. By keeping them, you will keep the environtmental sustainability.

The Objectives of this game is to keep the world’s temperature below the maximum level by guarding the forest from illegal loggers. You will build some towers and recruit the guards to each tower. The guards will be charged to catch the loggers before they cut down a tree and escape. Each logging action will increase the world’s temperature. You will advance to the next level by keep that temperature after some waves of loggers’ invasion. The result of each level will determine the world’s condition and temperature also disaster that might be occured in the next level. So, build the best Green Guard system.

CircleStudio - Green Guard - Indonesia 1CircleStudio - Green Guard - Indonesia 2CircleStudio - Green Guard - Indonesia 3

Game Name: Hilomi

Team Name: Close World Mobile

Country: France

Hilomi is a little child living on a peaceful planet along with other species, one of which doesn't pay attention to the planet. She cannot accept it and thus decided to change their behaviour.

The game is a puzzle-platformer running on Windows Phone 7. The touchscreen is used to interact with the game elements and solve the puzzles.

Taking part in the Imagine Cup, we chose to use Windows Phone 7 technology to create a entertaining game which will also remind the players of the importance of environmental protection. We wanted to talk about this using an humourous tone to make it accessible to everyone.

Close World Mobile - Hilomi - France 1Close World Mobile - Hilomi - France 2Close World Mobile - Hilomi - France 3

Game Name: Cloud

Team Name: Cloud

Country: Ireland

In recent years, the global climate is more and more bad, global warming, forest fires, industrial pollution etc. They are all destroying our natural.

Cloud is 3D Casual Game simulates the water cycle in natural. The user will play as a cloud which born in an ocean and dream to travel around the world. During your travelling, you will go through many kinds of Natural environments. Your mission is to survive in law of jungle and save lives as many as you can. For example, you can eat the cloud small than you and be eaten by the cloud bigger than you. You will lose moisture during a desert and gather moisture above a forest or river. Remember, water is your life. Sometimes you can drop some rain on the ground with a small forest or a village lack of water. When the forest grows up or the village gets harvest, you will get feedback.

The game have several chapters, the first chapter is “Escape from the sea”. Mainly let you know how to play the game. The second chapter is “Saving the forest”. You will learn how to drop the rain and save the forest lives. The third chapter is “Purify the city”. You will learn how to clean up the pollution of city. After playing the game, you will learn how important the water cycle benefits the natural. Kind for natural is the same of kind for us. 

Cloud - Cloud - Ireland 1Cloud - Cloud - Ireland 2Cloud - Cloud - Ireland 3

Game Name: Hero of the Millennium

Team Name: CodeOne

Country: Bangladesh

The Hero of the Millennium mobile game and reference application, developed exclusively for Imagine Cup 2011, is a unique tool that lets you save the world virtually and in real world. The application has two main sections, which are Play and Learn. In the Play section, users will play a role playing game involving the major challenges in the world. For being a mobile game, it is simple in terms of controls; the players need to steer themselves with either a dial in touch screen or accelerometer. Despite of being a 2D game, players will be given views from different angles in different types of missions, keeping players away from dullness. The game is likely to motivate users to know more about the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and making a positive impact in the world. The game would make use of real-world data in the missions from the World Bank Data API.

In the Learn tab, users will get to know more about different development projects and progress being made by their own and other countries. This feature also makes use of the World Bank Data API which gives access to 100s of indicators including for MDG that will keep users updated with the latest information and encourage them to make positive impacts towards development of the society. The World’s Largest NGO, BRAC, will promote this app to involve the youth in development projects. 

CodeOne - Hero Of The Millennium - Bangladesh 1CodeOne - Hero Of The Millennium - Bangladesh 2CodeOne - Hero Of The Millennium - Bangladesh 3

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