Imagine Cup 2011 Game Design Competitor Showcase Part 1

This year I wanted to highlight just how good the competitors were in the Game Design competition. I did this last year too, but it took me a while to get around to it, so I’m starting early. đŸ™‚

There will be approximately ten parts coming out over the next few weeks, with screenshots of each game across the three tracks of competition (sorted by Team Name, alphabetically, with the three tracks blended together). Initially, all I will have is the team name, game name, country they’re from and the screenshots, but I am more than happy to add in videos, links to websites and game information and descriptions if you would like to send me that information.

This is simply a showcase of games to show you the quality and the sheer variety of genres, styles, graphical imagery and other elements that go into a game that will hopefully serve two things:

  1. Show how talented the students are that competed in this year’s competition and how strong the competition was as a whole.
  2. Inspire future students with the variety of options that they could consider for creating their own games.


(PS – all images should link to the original sized screens – just click away!)

Links to the complete series:

Part 1 - (_dreamBender – BJTU_YF703)
Part 2 - (Bliizz – CodeOne)
Part 3 - (CrashGames – EnvoSeven1)
Part 4 - (exporithm – Geekologic)
Part 5 - (GimmeGimmes – INFOSTROY)
Part 6 - (Ingesub Game Lab Team Rocket – Luskanya)
Part 7 - (Milworms – Pyro)
Part 8 - (Quegee Team – SDEG)
Part 9 - (Signum Fidei – Team Nucleus)
Part 10 - (Team Rubic – WickedTeam)

[UPDATE: Complete series of gameplay videos can be found here]

[UPDATE 2: I have now updated this post with the game summaries/descriptions the teams provided about their games - and remember to check out their videos at the showcase link above]

Game Name: BioEngineer

Team Name: _dreamBender

Country: Indonesia

Earth in 2020, a lot of species in food chain got lost. It disturbed the flow of food chain and threatened another species: HUMAN! The extinction starts from one species and makes a domino effect to others without our notice.

So, now you're invited for being a BioEngineer. Get ready to pack your stuff! because you will travel around the world, not for enjoying your holiday! but for one mission.

Save the food chain!

All you need to do is :

  1. Solve the puzzle of the food chain, then find the extinct animal.
  2. Then, do the campaign to collect research funds by sharing the facts and information about threatened species to your friends through the social network.
  3. Finally, go to the Lab 42 to construct the DNA of a new species that can replace the “missing chain”.


_dreamBender - BioEngineer - Indonesia 1_dreamBender - BioEngineer - Indonesia 2_dreamBender - BioEngineer - Indonesia 3

Game Name: Crucial

Team Name: 8 DOS

Country: Poland

Crucial is a strategic and economical game, where the main objective, except great fun, is to make you think. Playing gives you a chance to find solution to every single Millennium Goal; all process is symbolic, but gameplay gives you a comprehensive answer how it could be done in reality.
The gameplay is based on strategic and economic development of the city, it inspires you to continuous work to develop your city and shows that cooperation is the most efficient factor in all process of development. Every mission in Crucial is concerning one of the millennium problems.

The game has unique story, showing ambitious plans of solving millennium goals from ordinary people perspective. It show the interesting story of people – both their personal and career life – on background of trying to make the world a better place.

The game also offer a minigame, in which you use physics to build structures, learning students how to optimally use materials.

What we all like in this game, is that everything depends on the player and his actions, and each part of Crucial is an inspiration to plan your steps. Join us and try to find a comprehensive solution to the millennium problems.


8 DOS - Crucial - Poland 18 DOS - Crucial - Poland 28 DOS - Crucial - Poland 3

Game Name:  A Cry Of The Earth

Team Name: AAMTeam

Country: Poland

 Our game ‘A Cry of the Earth’ takes place not on our Earth but on the paralleled Land that faces problems presented as being a metaphor to our problems but in a child-friendly form. We wanted to show 2 aspects of using technology. The first one is negative and it represents dark side of using technology. It consists in growing air, water and earth pollution. The second one is positive and it consists in increasing our comfort of life. During our existence we often forget about Mother Earth, often without knowing we make it suffer. We hear about the consequences of our actions but they don’t touch us directly yet. They will be visible in the future. We wanted to present this kind of world in this game, filthy and polluted.

In this game we become a fox, who suddenly wakes up in the cave with no memories. He is created by Gaya and he starts his journey during which he will have to restore ‘order from chaos’. During his task, fox will meet a lot of interesting characters. Some of them will try to help him, but some of them will need help from him. The aim is to restore 4 elements: polluted air, contaminated water and earth and to bring wind back. In order to do this, in many of the cases, technology and magic abilities will be needed.

Our game distinguishes with:

  • Interesting plot
  • Original characters
  • A fabulous idea of showing a visible contrast between polluted and recovered areas
  • Putting together platform game elements with RPG
  • Interactive dialogues


AAMTeam - A Cry Of The Earth - Poland 1AAMTeam - A Cry Of The Earth - Poland 2AAMTeam - A Cry Of The Earth - Poland 3

Game Name: 2nd

Team Name: A-ing

Country: Korea

Making melody that matches with environment via using Image's information, color, contrast and saturation. Also can make note, touching method that user will be touch and using in the rhythm game, with this melody. User will be naturally focused on this game about message and situation.

Our little action can be a big solution from recognizing about the problem. With rhythm genre that familiar with user, we will give a sound from image. These will stimulus curiosity. Also, user can do this anywhere because this program developed based on WP7. It can be easily access.

There will be a story about each matters include 3 sub-stage. Each stage will represent each problem. It will start with how serious the problem with and then it will shows up to calm image which represent the situation is getting better with people's help. Before the stage, there will be a short brief message. After the stage, it will shows up what help we can make. With this processing, user will be recognizing the problem and also they will give a little hand to solve the problem.


A-ing - 2nd - Korea 1A-ing - 2nd - Korea 2A-ing - 2nd - Korea 3

Game Name: REW

Team Name: AmazingWorld

Country: France

Re-EcoWorld is a video game based on the problem of pollution, rehabilitation of devastated lands, learning about technology to solve impurity. The goal is to sensitize children to different ecological issues.

Action takes place in an archipel, which contains many islands; this world is devastated by radioactive waste. Only one human survived, Meco that the player will control, he will try to reorder and rebalance the Earth; you can find many strange creatures. Those creatures can be domesticated and educated; they will help Meco during his trip.

Completely developed in 3D, the player is immersed into various quests to restore the world. Throughout the game the player will be faced to management and training problems that is essential to the future of our Hero, he will understand the impact of ecology in the world. Finally Re-Ecoworld responds to technological evolution by implementing ecology in this entire environment.

« One of the worst demons of technological civilization is the thirst for growth. »


AmazingWorld - REW - France 1AmazingWorld - REW - France 2AmazingWorld - REW - France 3

Game Name: CityQuest

Team Name: AVe

Country: Romania

CITYQUEST is a 3D-based game for WP7 platform proposed by AVE – Victor Porof and Alecsandru Grigoriu (UAIC Romania) – in which users can take action and be part of the change: a better world. Main objectives are to accomplish all the MDGs and bring cognizance on toughest world problems – did you know that every month, HIV/AIDS has created 14+ million orphans? Or 80% of items in landfills can be recycled, but they’re not.

CITYQUEST’s uniqueness is denoted by its innovative 3D concept. You are encouraged to make steps towards unity and fulfillment. With each level, you explore a city with goals to achieve, challenges to accomplish, quick actions to take. A goal must be enrolled; then non-playable characters must be searched for, to pass the goal, therefore setting an awareness level proud for the “hall of fame”. Thus, the city is working for you: an unofficial “team player”. The city health remains on proper grounds based on the received feedback, so being careful can take a key role in the gameplay experience.

The fun doesn’t stop here: resources are limited – finding the characters won’t guarantee instant success; challenges may come across your path and time can become your enemy. Moreover, you’re faced with combined goals, where resources will truly seem to be a luxury. With each level reached, you gain access to the 30+ achievements that boost your game experience and keep the city safe. Spontaneous goals can appear, intriguing you to make a quick response. The flexibility is added by in-gameplay options (you can search/call for help, act fast, take action). Moreover, you can post on Twitter (@cityquest_) to expand our mission and contribute.

CITYQUEST sets the perfect tone for IC2011 theme. It’s a tool of awareness.
How can CITYQUEST spark your imagination of a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems? Simple, by setting the future in your hands.


AVe - CityQuest - Romania 1AVe - CityQuest - Romania 2AVe - CityQuest - Romania 3

Game Name: Balloon Traveller

Team Name: BalloonDiscovery

Country: Ireland

 “I'm somewhat horrified because I don't think the young people today even know what history is. Some of them don't even study History at school anymore or Geography and they don't know where one place is from another.”
         Joan Sutherland.

Our idea is founded on the central goal of being both fun and educational at the same time, through a combination of learning and game-playing. Originally designed to deal with geographic themes, Balloon Traveler has been expanded to allow teachers and parents to customize and design a game that accomplishes their educational goals. Though our game deals with teaching geography, it can easily be extended to other situations, for example identifying chemical molecules, physical formulas, and answering mathematical questions from visual cues.

In the game, the player controls a balloon which they steer around a screen. As they steer they can fence off areas of the screen, taking ownership of that region. When a region becomes fenced-off, the corresponding portion of the background image becomes visible. Once the player has fenced off a minimum percentage of the screen, the level ends and they must answer a question based on what they can see of the background image.

If that sounds suspiciously easy to you, your suspicion is well-founded. As the player steers balloons around the screen, they must avoid certain enemies who can destroy them on contact. As if that wasn't enough, the player must also keep their balloon inflated. Only an inflated balloon may move around, and it deflates over time. Allow the balloon to deflate too much and the player can become stuck until they re-inflate. However, it is also possible to over-inflate the balloon.

BalloonDiscovery - Balloon Traveller - Ireland 1BalloonDiscovery - Balloon Traveller - Ireland 2BalloonDiscovery - Balloon Traveller - Ireland 3

Game Name: Forest Gun

Team Name: Big Impact Bear

Country: US

The game focuses on a researcher, Dr. Barkenstein, deep in the Amazon rainforest. He is researching the local flora and fauna to tap into the trees natural ability to regenerate. He plans to use his developing technology to rapidly regrow large areas of the forest at once, starting in the Amazon and then the rest of the world. A local logging company discovers his laboratory. Threatened by his effort to rebuild the forest and end the land clearing, they attempt to destroy his lab and research.  During the attack Dr. Barkenstein tries to save his formula by swallowing it. This causes him to transform into a humanoid tree. With his newfound powers attempts to save the forests from both human destruction and natural disasters. With his already weakened genetic structure he is able to further transform into more powerful forms of plant life. This game, Forest Gun, takes a proactive approach to ending deforestation. The player can rapidly regrow fallen trees and when enough have been planted he is able to regrow the entire forest. 

Big Impact Bear - Forest Gun - US 1 (Mobile)Big Impact Bear - Forest Gun - US 2 (Mobile)Big Impact Bear - Forest Gun - US 3 (Mobile)

Game Name: Cardio

Team Name: Big_Bang

Country: Belarus

Cardio is an arcade game that corresponds to the theme “Combating widespread disease” and is devoted to high medical technologies which, as we believe, well be high enough to heal all, even the hardest diseases in the nearest future.

The player controls a group of four nanobots injected into a sick man’s vein. During the game nanobots clean blood from the viruses, destroy blood clots, and restore damaged tissues. Nanobots get their energy from the heart - using the rhythm of heartbeat is a main game feature.  While a level is loading player will be presented with interesting facts related to medicine, useful information about different diseases and ways of its healing and prophylaxis as well as with basic knowledge about different organs and blood elements and their main functions.

Key features of the game:

  1. Unique control: player gives special commands to nanobots pressing buttons sequences and getting into the rhythm of the heart beat.
  2. Big amount of special objects that could be used by nanobots during the level such as med kits, shields, biomaterials and others.
  3. Wide upgrades system: during a level nanobots pick up biomaterial that can be used to upgrade nanobots, their weapon and shields.
  4. Many kinds of enemies: microbes, viruses, thrombi and even huge bosses.
  5. You can share interesting and useful information, that is presented while the next level is loading, on Twitter 


Big_Bang - Cardio - Belarus 1Big_Bang - Cardio - Belarus 2Big_Bang - Cardio - Belarus 3

Game Name: Museum Of Chinese Health

Team Name: BJTU_YF703

Country: China

With the accelerating pace of modern life, more and more people develop a lot of bad habits which make them stay in a "sub-health state" which is called "Wei Bing". Traditional Chinese medicine possesses many good health-oriented features which have significant advantages over the treatment of "Wei Bing". Statistics show that 70% people are in a sub-healthy condition in modern society. Our aim of developing this game is to use the means of digital entertainment to disseminate TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and it can solve the health problems for these people and then improves our life and the whole world.

The hero of the game, Xiao Hua, runs a museum of Chinese health that provides customers with three health services, including therapeutic diet, massage and medicated dipping. What’s more, health advice is also given based on the customer’s physical status, by which the concept of healthy living can also be spread, all of which will make our citizens much healthier. The game adopts an ancient style of Chinese ink painting and friendly simulated business model to interact with the players. When playing the game, the players can readily acquire some tips on healthy life. So, why don’t just try it now?


BJTU_YF703 - Museum Of Chinese Health - China 1BJTU_YF703 - Museum Of Chinese Health - China 2BJTU_YF703 - Museum Of Chinese Health - China 3

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