Meet the Finalists – Xbox/Windows

I was completely amazed at the high quality of games submitted into this year’s competition and I’m definitely planning on showcasing all of the round 2 entries because there were some unbelievably cool entries that didn’t quite make the top five in each track. But for now, I want to highlight the games that did make it because for them, the Imagine Cup finals are just around the corner and they deserve some recognition for making it all the way.

As I mentioned previously, a whopping 64 countries competed in Game Design this year, and it’s great to see such variety in the countries represented in the finalists.


[UPDATE: Now including Gameplay Videos for all five games. Complete series of gameplay videos can be found here) 

Team: Crash Games

Game: Global Green

Country: Belgium

Global Green is a classic arcade style game that is fun and easy to play. In this game, players learn about global problems as they deliver care packages to different parts of the world and at the same time try to achieve the highest score for saving the world!


Gameplay video:


Team: JubJub

Game: Junk Master: The Journey To Junk Lord

Country: Thailand

Junk Master: The Journey to Junk Lord is a creative and innovative game with challenging and fun game play that uses type matching game mechanics; moreover, it can educate the player about garbage classification and 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).


Gameplay video:


Team: Replay

Game: HopeBlocks

Country: Brazil

HopeBlocks is a fun, exciting and fast-paced "match three or more" puzzle style game that allows players to take steps towards changing the world by putting the them in charge of organizing people so that they work together and improve their surroundings using all of the UN Millennium Development Goals as inspiration.


Gameplay video:


Team: Signum Games

Game: UCan

Country: Brazil

Players create strategies, including recruiting volunteers, raising money and other charitable actions in UCan, a strategy management game set in an isometric 2D game world. 

Screenshot 1Screenshot 3

Gameplay video:


Team: WickedTeam

Game: Firefighters: Whatever It Takes

Country: Czech Republic

In Firefighters: Whatever It Takes, players extinguish fires as fast as they can and thus save the largest area of forest possible. The game is a high quality 3D real time strategy title that puts the player in charge of a fire fighting department and tasks them to not only put out fires but find ways to evacuate civilians in danger.


Gameplay video:


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