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Third article highlighting the finalists in Game Design for Imagine Cup 2011. The other two articles can be found here (Xbox/Windows) and here (Mobile).

[UPDATE: Now including Gameplay Videos for all five games. Complete series of gameplay videos can be found here)

Team Name: Cellardoor

Game Name: The Book of Elm

Country: Poland

“The Book of Elm” illustrates the importance of taking care of environment in everyday life, through the interactive story of Elm, a creature on a quest to fix the mistakes done by people around the world. The game implements creative use of the webcam to use everyday objects to affect the game world as the player tries to solve different puzzles.


Gameplay video:


Team Name: GreenWorld

Game Name: GreenWorld

Country: Bulgaria

GreenWorld is an online multiplayer game concern the world's biggest ecological and health problems.


Gameplay video:


Team Name: ICsquared

Game Name: Embryonic

Country: United States

Embryonic is a combination of arcade style games to promote awareness and education of maternal health. The primary game is an Asteroids-style game where the player is put in charge of protecting an unborn child while later levels revolve around other parts of the process, including the umbilical cord and nutrients being delivered, as well as an awareness of rudimentary genetics.


Gameplay video:


Team Name: Quegee Team

Game Name:  The Green Game

Country: Slovakia

The Green Game, presented as a beautiful 2D isometric real time strategy game, challenges players to solve common environmental issues using new and exciting technologies, intelligent devices and unusual ideas, each of which may have unexpected positive or negative consequences.


Gameplay video:


Team Name: Signum Fidei

Game Name: Conjunct!

Country: Philippines

Conjunct! represents social issues and problems as puzzles in different locations around the world.

Screenshot 1 - World MapScreenshot 3 - Classic Gameplay

Gameplay video:


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  1. bystander says:

    Doesn't it feel wrong that game from Imagine Cup 2010 is here for Imagine Cup 2011?

  2. No, not really. We encourage teams to review, assess and re-enter the competition with improved games. A number of teams do just that. I think it's a good thing as it shows how passionate they are about their games.

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