Want to learn how to build your own games for Xbox or Phone?

If you do – I strongly encourage you to keep an eye out for game camps in your area or even better pitch for something to be held in your city. While I know I am pretty vocal about the ones I run in New York and surrounding areas, I know that there are other academic evangelists happy to consider doing events like this and often they just need to know where and when is the best place to have one.

This weekend – actually, in just a few hours as I type this – I am running the third game camp here in New York. This one will be held at Pace University, but since we allow anyone to come along, we have 99 students (didn’t quite break the 100 mark!) from 22 different schools from multiple states coming along. Some of these guys and girls (yes, there are a bunch of girls amongst that lot too) are already registered and competing in Imagine Cup, but a lot aren’t and just want to learn how easy or hard it is to make their own game.

I’m super excited – we’re going to have a bunch of fun playing games, talking about the games industry and getting right into building games from scratch.


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