We <3 Games – We’ve begun!

We’ve officially kicked off the We <3 Games weekend up here in Rochester and it’s an unbelievable vibe.  More than 50 students from three colleges have converged on the RIT campus to take up the challenge of building a game in less than 48 hours that fits into the Imagine Cup theme. At stake – school pride; On offer – Xbox 360 + Kinect, a standalone Kinect, and a Windows Phone 7. All students have formed into teams and have created storyboards ready for their entry into the Imagine Cup, and are heads down working on their unique creations.

Thanks to RIT, we also have these very cool shirts:


The only things drawing their concentration away from the task at hand are pizza and a Kinect set up in the relaxation lounge, with students and faculty alike getting into their groove with Dance Central.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend if this first few hours is anything to go by – totally amazing. Smile

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