Imagine Cup Game Design Live Meetings

Over the next few weeks, besides me running around with Imagine Cup workshops all over New York and the game camps I’ve mentioned previously, we’ll be running several Game Design live meetings to discuss the competition, the industry and what we’re looking for. But most of all, these are your opportunity to ask questions directly and get (hopefully!) some clear answers on the competition.

At this stage, one will be as early as next week, while the second will be the week after – unfortunately, it’s not quite locked down in terms of time, but I wanted to raise awareness of it so you could make sure you watch the various spaces – the Game Design forums on, this blog, and the Imagine Cup Facebook page:

Looking forward to talking with you.

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  1. Game Shastra says:

    Thanks for the links, keep us posted on new progress. I work in game dev and I'm always interested in seeing new progress like this. —

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