NYC, here I come!

It’s now finally official and I can talk about it – I am headed to New York City for a new role in Microsoft. I’m going to be doing exactly the same thing as I’ve been doing for Microsoft Australia for the last couple of years, but instead of travelling an entire country, I get to traverse a single state. All those places I’ve heard about, read about, seen on TV – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and more – will be my new stomping ground and I’m very much looking forward to it all, especially with all this cool buzz going on about Windows Phone 7, Kinect, Cloud and more.

I’m utterly excited about the transition. Working here in Oz has been awesome and has (almost) never felt like actual work; the people I’ve worked with, students, faculty, others, are all fantastic.

Working in NYC is going to give me some new opportunities to work with students and universities, and of course, having the worldwide finals of Imagine Cup in the city in July 2011 is a pretty sweet deal too. I’m in transition phase at the moment, hence the quietness on the blog, but expect to be back up and running once I hit stateside in the next couple of weeks.

Comments (2)

  1. suzi says:

    hey – let me know if I can connect you with family there – or if you need babysitters.

  2. Deeps says:

    I thought were going to New Jersey???

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