The Aussies Rocked

OK, I’m biased. You don’t need to tell me.

But regardless of what you think, the Australian team for Software Design absolutely did indeed rock their presentation. Every time I’ve seen them they’ve been better than the last, but seriously – they were like a group of professionals who had been doing their job for years. The presentation was smooth, articulate and they fielded the questions thrown at them with aplomb and a self-assurance that was exciting to watch.

Their eGreen solution generated some genuine interest from several of the judges, with one coming up afterwards to congratulate the team on coming up with a solution that could impact people worldwide.

Now the “but”. 🙁

Unfortunately, there were at least twelve other teams who rocked it even better than the Aussies did. That might sound like a lot, but remember there were close to 70 teams in the Software Design category, so going from 70 to 12 is pretty brutal and there were many students who were impacted by the cut.

The next round occurred immediately after the announcement was made, and later in the evening we learned who the top 6 teams were, including Brazil, Spain and Taiwan. I’ll blog coverage of the final presentations tomorrow.

I want to congratulate Team eGreen for being such amazing ambassadors for Australia and showing the world how skilled Aussie students are. Good on you Donovan, Xharmagne and James (and well done, Dat).

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