Free Faculty Training

So I’ve been hard at work getting this organised and it’s finally happening. The only scary thing is that the Melbourne day is next Monday! Less than a week away. Which means registrations have to happen in the next few days. Spaces are limited and we’re already 25% registered after only a day so if you’re keen make sure you register soon!

Here’s the goss:

This free technical training day is jam-packed full of information that will help you understand technologies that are used by a large component of the business world and how you can help your students come to grips with them and be prepared as they enter the workforce.

The morning session introduces you to .NET and core programming concepts that can be used as a basis for building teaching content for your own students as well as going into the reasons why it's important to include .NET and C# as part of your curriculum. Over the space of three hours, you'll learn how .NET works and how it can be used to create programming projects for Windows, web browsers, mobile phones and even Xbox consoles.

The afternoon session will cover Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a new way of creating programs that have innovative user interfaces and experiences and is the same technology used to provide Silverlight on web browsers. The three hours includes an introduction and definition of core WPF concepts and, like the morning session, will include pointers on how to build coursework from what you'll hear on the day. All attendees of the WPF session will receive a copy of WPF-in-a-Box, a complete resource guide to learning and using Windows Presentation Foundation, including hands on labs, links and resources.

In addition to these two technical training sessions and the WPF-in-a-Box kit, Microsoft will also highlight the various programs that are in place to provide you and your students free software and curriculum resources so that you're best armed to gear up to teach programming with Microsoft technologies, and give you some ideas on how to integrate social awareness into the curriculum to inspire and encourage technical innovation in your class attendees.

Places are limited - don't miss out on this opportunity to skill up on .NET and WPF and be prepared to teach these crucially important business development technologies to your students.


  • Melbourne, VIC – Monday, March 30th 2009
  • Canberra, ACT - Monday, April 20th 2009
  • Brisbane, QLD – Tuesday, April 21st 2009
  • Sydney, NSW – Thursday, April 23rd 2009

Session Times:

  • .NET 9:00am-12:00pm
  • WPF 1:00pm-4:00pm

If you’re faculty at a university, TAFE or high school and are interested in attending, please contact me through my blog and I’ll send you the registration details.

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