DreamSpark Students get an advantage on the Windows Mobile Marketplace

That’s right - as revealed today in the official Windows Mobile blog, students enrolled in DreamSpark will have the Marketplace registration fee waived, allowing them to build their mobile apps quickly, and bring them to market. Since students often have innovative ideas that can revolutionise the way we look at applications, this is an exciting piece of news. Oh, and did I mention that developers (including students) will earn 70% of the revenue generated from their application sales?

Read all the details about the marketplace from a developer perspective here: Windows® Marketplace for Mobile Developer Strategy Announced!

Remember – DreamSpark gives students (university, TAFE and high school) completely free access to all of Microsoft’s developer and designer tools. Head over to www.dreamspark.com and sign up today if you haven’t already.

Awesome news… 🙂

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