Get certified – start your year off on the right foot.

Microsoft certifications add cred to your claims when you’re going for a job, so why not give it a go and sit a certification exam for one of the dozens of certifications you’ve got to choose from?

What, you don’t want to spend the dosh on an exam that you may not pass? Well, first up, if you’re someone who knows your stuff, then you’ve probably got a pretty good chance of successfully completing the exam, but if you’re worried, I’ve got a bit of a deal here for you.

I have six free exam vouchers right here on my desk, just dying to be given away to a good home. Each voucher is good for one exam, to be sat any time before April 30, 2009, so well and truly worth it.


To get one, send me a note on the contact form and if you’re one of the first six, I’ll send it out, no questions asked.

Please note that you’ll need to be an Australian resident, and I ask that you only ask for a voucher if you’re seriously thinking about taking an exam, but apart from that, it’s yours.

Comments (2)

  1. Devanand Bhowan says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I really want to be certified for the MCSD, but I feel that it might be hard to get throught it, while caring for my 4 little kids. I’d really like to know how to go about it without failure.



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