Mr SteveB is coming to town

So, some people in my team have been hard at work organising an extra-special trip for one of the top dogs of Microsoft, Mr Steve Ballmer, our one and only CEO. I’ve had a few inklings and yes, attended a planning meeting or two, but finally we’re able to talk about it publicly and officially. So here’s my take:

Steve Ballmer is coming to Sydney Australia on November 6 to talk about the new wave of development that we’re going to be surfing – Software Plus Services. The day is called Liberation Day and not only will there be a meeting in Sydney, but there’s a Live Web Rally to go along with it so that no one misses out.

Take a look now and register to find out what’s got a lot of people in Microsoft pretty darned excited.


Oh, and I should also mention that Steve’s not going to be flying solo. Gianpaolo Carraro and Tim Sneath are both going to be rocking out with a bunch of awesome demos and even more detail about Microsoft’s vision for cloud computing and how the Windows client will be able to leverage it.

This event is going to be directly after PDC, so all the goodness revealed there will be more open to be talked about (unlike the many times I’ve had to say “if you wait a couple of weeks, you may just get the answer to that question”), so check it out.

(I tell you – 3.30pm Sydney time is a much more reasonable time to check in than the usual US originated streams at 2 or 3am)

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