PhotoSynth – Downtown Park, Bellevue

Not sure if you knew already, but PhotoSynth finally got released about a month ago. I’ve been dying to try it out properly and this afternoon I had a chance to give it a go. As I was wandering about Downtown Park in the centre of Bellevue here in Washington, I realised it was a good opportunity to try it out. In the end I took about 80 or so photos but because the park is so huge, the Synth didn’t turn out to be complete.

Still, the final result is one I’m pretty happy with because it definitely grouped photos together well and each individual group of photos looks great.

You can check it out here: - make sure you zoom into the photos too to see the detail – I love this stuff! 🙂


If you don’t know what PhotoSynth is, you really should check it out. It takes a set of photos and analyses them for similarities, recognising similar objects even if taken from different angles. It then assembles them into a pseudo-3D map that you can navigate through. Check out the website for some very cool examples, or just take a look at a beautiful sunny day in late September in Seattle. 🙂

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