Students To Business gets headlines

At our Student Day earlier this week, we launched the Students To Business program for Australia. Students To Business, or S2B as it’s commonly known internally, is a new community initiative aimed at linking university students nearing completion of their studies with top level companies who are in desperate need of new talent.

Basically what happens is this: universities and training centres work hand in hand with Aussie companies to provide students with internship opportunities. The S2B portal allows the various parties involved in the process to register in a common location and be easily linked up, matching qualified job candidates with open positions that may be suitable.

Personally, the main reason I’m excited about S2B is that it gives students considering IT as a career more confidence that they’ll be able to access and locate the businesses who are looking to hire the new talent.

If you want to know more about the program goals, check out the main information site at, or if you’re a student, university or business keen to get involved, register today at www.s2bprogram/australia.

In the couple of days since Student Day, S2B has already been written about in the press. Check out what technology journalists think of the program over at ComputerWorld (this article also appeared in ARN) and iTWire.