STEM Evangelism, here I come

A couple of months ago, I joined a new team in Microsoft, one focused on something I hold near and dear to my heart. Getting students excited about technology and helping them do more with it has been my personal mantra for over a decade and I’ve had the privilege at Microsoft of doing just…


Creating Great Apps

Note: This is a summary of a guide that I and a couple of other great people worked on – link to the full document at the end of this post. So you want to create an app? Or perhaps a game? We want to help! And we don’t want to simply help you to…


Imagine Cup 2013 Games Finalists Announced

So! The moment has arrived! The teams selected for the Worldwide Finals in Russia have been announced. Here’s the list: Team UMA, Angola – Don’t Fret Zeppelin Studio, Austria – Schein WickedGames, Czech Republic – reSOUND Banzai Lightning, France – SEED Seven Worlds, France – Kameon Solite Studio, Indonesia – Save the Hamsters PsyTrack, Puerto…


Quick Coaching Session for Imagine Cup Games

As the deadline is fast approaching for the online Imagine Cup Games competition, we thought it might be a good idea to quickly cover what we’re looking for during the judging. If you’re in a team competing in the Games competition and are looking for info on what makes a great entry, check in on…


WOWZAPP 2012: Want to get involved?

I’m truly excited about WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows, and it’s great to see all these cities from all over the world joining the party. But what happens if you want to be part of this thing but don’t have a local place to go? Why not run your own WOWZAPP 2012 mini-party? We’ll…


WOWZAPP 2012: The Worldwide Hackathon for Windows

I’ve been quiet the past few months. Really ever since Imagine Cup, I’ve been head down, planning, scheming, organizing and generally hiding away while I got ready. Ready for what? Ready for this: WOWZAPP 2012 – the world’s first worldwide hackathon for Windows! WOWZAPP 2012 will run in dozens of countries around the globe –…


Windows Store Access for Students

We just announced that the Windows Store is now open for individual developers. This means that now ALL developers, regardless of their status as indie dev, corporate coder, student or startup programmer, in any of the 120 supported countries, can register on the Windows Store and start submitting apps. Today’s announcement includes an additional 89…


Windows 8 Development Links

  With the general availability of Windows 8 rapidly approaching (October 26, if you missed the news) I thought it might of benefit to publish a number of handy links for people to use if they’re getting into developing their own apps. First up, if you’re looking for support, check out this page first:….


Courses for Windows 8

If you’re teaching development in a school or college and want to bring your content up to date with the latest technologies, Microsoft has published three courses you can use directly in your classes. The three courses are of different lengths and are designed for different class audience specific fields of study, so hopefully you’ll…


Game Design Winners Announced!

The World Festival of Imagine Cup 2012 is on right now in Sydney, Australia and I’m ecstatic to announce the winners of the two Game Design competitions!   Xbox/Windows First Place – TANG Thai – Thailand – Verdant Fantasy Second Place – The Doers – Brazil – Do More Third Place – Hotfix – Belgium…