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GZip encoder for Compact WCF

The GZip encoder is not included in NetCF as it is on the desktop WCF, but it isn’t hard to build yourself and in fact we have released a sample of exactly how to add your own GZip encoder to NetCF: So many people have asked me for it lately I thought I’d better… Read more

Using the XmlSerializer as an XmlObjectSerializer with WCF

The Windows Communication Foundation introduced the new DataContractSerializer to replace the XmlSerializer in many scenarios.  The DataContractSerializer is faster than the XmlSerializer, but has certain limitations.  For example it does not support serializing an object’s members as XML attributes.  When you write a WCF client that calls a service, WCF will generate a proxy class… Read more

.NET Compact Framework 3.5 Power Toys RTW

The .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Power Toys have been released.  You can download them from here. Tools included in this package: Remote Performance Monitor and GC Heap Viewer – Provides real time counter data (ranging from Garbage Collector activity to type loading info) on a running NETCF application. The GC Heap Viewer feature allows you… Read more

Why .NET Compact Framework fails to call some HTTPS web servers

A bug was discovered recently in the .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 (SP2 and earlier) and 3.5 that causes HttpWebRequest’s directed at some HTTPS servers to fail with this error: (for web services) System.Net.WebException: Unable to read data from the transport connection. —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Unknown error (0x0).    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.fillBuffer(HttpWebRequest request, Connection connection, CoreResponseData data)… Read more

What do you think of the new WCF ‘Store and forward’ Mail Transport?

With the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 release which comes with Visual Studio 2008, a new Windows Communication Foundation transport is introduced that uses email as the communication mechanism. Others have already blogged about this new transport including Roman Batoukov and David Kline. I’d like to take a poll of the audience to see how you… Read more

Calling WCF services from NetCF 3.5 using Compact WCF and NetCFSvcUtil.exe

The .NET Compact Framework 3.5 adds a subset of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF or “Indigo”) to smart devices, allowing them to communicate with desktop WCF components with all the flexibility of multiple, interchangeable service bindings and endpoints.  Although it ships out of the box only with support for message-level communication (no service calls, per… Read more

Power Toys for .NET Compact Framework 3.5 CTP released

The .NET Compact Framework team just released the Consumer Technology Preview (CTP) of the Power Toys for .NET Compact Framework 3.5.  These Power Toys are tools to help you build, debug and optimizie your NetCF 3.5 applications.  My personal favorite is the NetCF ServiceModel Metadata Tool (NetCFSvcUtil.exe) which allows NetCF clients to call web services… Read more

The WCF subset supported by NetCF

[Updated: 21Nov07 to clarify that custom headers are supported, but not in NetCFSvcUtil proxy generation] [Updated: 27Aug07 to correct Gzip sample, and clarify on transports & extensibility] [Updated: 23Aug07 to add SecurityAlgorithmSuite enumerable] Many people have been asking about what subset of .NET 3.0’s Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) will be supported by the .NET Compact… Read more