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News from my corner of the Visual Studio Connected Experience team, programming tips, and solutions to common programming issues.

ImmutableObjectGraph has some big updates now, and more coming soon

I was able to work out a model for continued open source development of ImmutableObjectGraph — at least in a limited way. This means that the 16 month silence on the public repo is over, and I was able to push a bunch of the commits I had been keeping internal to the public. For… Read more

Enable C++ and Javascript project system tracing

I’ve previously posted on how to enable logging in the C++ project system in Visual Studio 2010.  In Visual Studio 2012 we’ve changed the way the Common Project System (aka “CPS”) emits trace messages so below I introduce an updated xml snippet that works in Visual Studio 2012.  Since CPS is now the project system… Read more

Visual C++ 2012 Debugger Extensibility

Back in Visual C++ 2010 we introduced debugger extensibility so that third party vendors can either add new debugger engines or new ways of launching existing debugger engines for C++ projects.  In Visual C++ 2012 this debugger extensibility has been updated.  Any previous extensions that were compiled against Visual C++ 2010 will have to be… Read more

VC++ Debugger Extensibility

Visual C++ 2010 includes a debugger extensibility point that makes it easy for people who have written their own debuggers, or wish to modify the way existing debuggers are launched, to do so. Check out the Visual C++ Debugger Launch Extension project template on the Visual Studio Gallery to get started…. Read more

If the MS Office team wrote Visual Studio

Some humorous pros and cons to Visual Studio, if the Microsoft Office team were ever to take over. (disclaimer: this is a tongue in cheek post.  No offense — only laughs intended) Visual Studio 2008 would be able to load VC7 projects, modify them in any way VC7 allowed, and save the project back to… Read more

Why your Visual Studio add-in fails to load with error 0x80004005

Writing Visual Studio add-ins gives you the power to do some impressive things within the IDE to enhance your productivity.  Unfortunately getting your add-in to load into Visual Studio can sometimes be a pain.  Here’s just a tip you should know about the .AddIn file that Visual Studio generates for you. The path you provide… Read more

Why double-clicking on an .SLN file doesn’t always launch Visual Studio

Well this is my first post as a member of the Visual Studio Platform & Ecosystem team.  My second full day on the job, and I’ve found some less-than-ideal areas of Visual Studio that I’m eager to improve for myself and for you, our customers.  How exciting.  I’ll do my best to post to my… Read more