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Install Android SDKs using Powershell

The Android SDK Manager requires a GUI and tedious searching for the SDKs that you want to install. There is a command line android.bat script that lets you install and uninstall these without the GUI but it’s based on an ordinal index for each SDK so you have to run the script once, note the index(es) of… Read more

How to sort the console output of a hashtable in PowerShell

Hashtables are inherently unsorted, but when you’re printing a hashtable’s contents to the console, it can certainly be helpful to sort its contents by key.  Although it’s not obvious, the way to do it is pretty easy. Let’s start with defining a hashtable and play with it until it’s obviously unsorted. PS C:\> $h = @{b=2;a=3;c=1}… Read more

Getting doskey macros to work in PowerShell

As much as I love to work with PowerShell, it was hard to give up the doskey macros I had defined for CMD.exe.  But I just found out that doskey can work all its magic for PowerShell too, so here’s the trick… Doskey defaults to working only with cmd.exe, but by passing the /exename= parameter… Read more