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ImmutableObjectGraph has some big updates now, and more coming soon

I was able to work out a model for continued open source development of ImmutableObjectGraph — at least in a limited way. This means that the 16 month silence on the public repo is over, and I was able to push a bunch of the commits I had been keeping internal to the public. For… Read more

So many exceptions… but only one can throw

When a method may throw for more than one reason, the thoughtful programmer might ask “which exception should be thrown?” Consider a method which performs argument validation, is cancelable, and also might throw based on the state of the object. What order should these validations occur so that the best exception is thrown? Here is… Read more

Immutable Object Graph updates

In my last post, I introduced a T4 template that constructs efficient and quite capable immutable objects based on the simplest mutable type definition. I also mentioned that the published sample is (necessarily, ala T4 style) open source and hosted online. Two outsiders have already submitted pull requests that have been accepted. Some thoughtful feedback… Read more

Simple immutable objects

We’re all familiar with immutable collections now. But immutability is only as immutable as it is deep. And an immutable collection of mutable objects may not provide the depth you’re looking for. So how can one create an immutable object? Suppose you would define the mutable version like this: public class Fruit { public string… Read more

Immutable collection algorithmic complexity

I received some feedback from my recent BCL blog post on the prerelease of the immutable collections that my algorithm complexity table left a few important entries out. Here is the table again, with more data filled in (particularly around list indexer lookup and enumeration):   Mutable (amortized) Mutable (worst case) Immutable Stack.Push O(1) O(n)… Read more

The cost of context switches

Context switches are not free. But how expensive are they? I wrote a small program to find out, and I’m sharing the program and its results here. I focused on purely context switches (no work is actually performed between context switches). So it’s not a real-world scenario, but it really brings out the hidden costs…. Read more

Immutable collections with mutable performance

In my last post, I detailed the differences among read/write, read only, frozen and immutable collection types.  I described how immutable collections come with a hit to the garbage collector due to the garbage they generate during mutations.  I have a very positive update on that topic. My previous implementation for the immutable collections used… Read more

Read only, frozen, and immutable collections

[Update: a more recent post with new data on attainable performance of immutable collections] The topics of immutability and functional programming has fascinated me lately.  Mostly because of my work on the Visual Studio Common Project System (CPS) which is a large, highly multi-threaded code base that only remains sane because of its reliance on… Read more

GZip encoder for Compact WCF

The GZip encoder is not included in NetCF as it is on the desktop WCF, but it isn’t hard to build yourself and in fact we have released a sample of exactly how to add your own GZip encoder to NetCF: So many people have asked me for it lately I thought I’d better… Read more