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Immutable Object Graph updates

In my last post, I introduced a T4 template that constructs efficient and quite capable immutable objects based on the simplest mutable type definition. I also mentioned that the published sample is (necessarily, ala T4 style) open source and hosted online. Two outsiders have already submitted pull requests that have been accepted. Some thoughtful feedback… Read more

Simple immutable objects

We’re all familiar with immutable collections now. But immutability is only as immutable as it is deep. And an immutable collection of mutable objects may not provide the depth you’re looking for. So how can one create an immutable object? Suppose you would define the mutable version like this: public class Fruit { public string… Read more

Immutable collection algorithmic complexity

I received some feedback from my recent BCL blog post on the prerelease of the immutable collections that my algorithm complexity table left a few important entries out. Here is the table again, with more data filled in (particularly around list indexer lookup and enumeration):   Mutable (amortized) Mutable (worst case) Immutable Stack.Push O(1) O(n)… Read more