How to fix a Phone that is stuck in a (quick) reboot loop

  1. Remove the battery from device (if you can't turn it off, just continue on to the next steps)
  2. Don't connect the device to a PC yet
  3. Launch Windows Device Recovery Tool (
  4. Select that "Your Device cannot be Discovered"
  5. Select the device type (e.g. Lumia Device for Microsoft built phones); it should be searching for your device...
  6. Install the battery and plug your phone in to the PC
  7. While pressing the Volume Down Button, turn on the phone (if it is already turned on, let it reboot while your holding the button)
  8. The device should be found; you can release the Volume Down button
  9. Download and then Install the image
  10. Note, I've seen the UI freeze during the download -- it's working, just give it 5-10min.
  11. Go though Setup again...
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