Visio SDK available for download

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the Visio 2003 SDK and pushed it out the door:   I mention this for two reasons: The SDK is one-stop shopping for developer reference material about the best version of Visio yet. I wrote or revised several of the technical articles included in the kit. So…


Automating commercial prepress part duex now live

The second part of my series on automating commercial printing tasks using the Publisher 2003 object model is now live on MSDN. This time around, we discuss how to automate, customize, and extend prepress operations involved publication page setup, embedded and linked pictures, and design considerations. This articles includes examples that use the Scripting Runtime…


Working with group wizard shapes

When I was discussing shape-level wizard properties the other day, I mentioned group wizard shapes, which are related to, but independent from, the publication and page-level wizards. So here’s where I explain what I meant. Like wizard publications and wizard pages, group wizard shapes are pre-designed, and can morph. In Publisher, morphing refers to an…


Setting a shape’s tool tip and alt text

Here’s another tip that concerns Publisher Shape objects. When you mouse hover over a shape on a publication page, Publisher displays the shape name as a tool tip. You can set the shape name to anything you want, and this becomes the tool tip displayed by Publisher on mouse hover. The default name of a…


Automating commercial prepress in Publisher article is now live

The title pretty much says it all. The first in a series of three articles dealing with using the Publisher object model to automate prepress processes for commercial printers is now live on MSDN: As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, this one covers defining color modes and controlling print output. The Publisher team put a…


Identifying wizard shapes in a publication

I recently finished an article on how to generate publications based on pre-designed wizards in Publisher: Here’s something I didn’t cover in the article, because it was a little more advanced than the basic overview-type article I was writing. But not only do publications and pages have wizard properties, but shapes do as well….


Choosing colors and inks for a publication

Looks like my next Publisher programmability article goes live on MSDN early next week. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure and let you know what the link is once it gets published.) I’m really happy with this next series of articles, which highlight all the great functionality that went into 2003 to support commercial printing. This…


Transferring Publisher custom color schemes between users and computers

I’ve spent some time the last few weeks helping my wife come up with a consistent corporate identity for her business: letterhead, business cards, and all that. (Of course, I’m the one that suggested the overhaul in the first place; that way, I get to play on the computer, and get points for being a…