3 Things I Got Wrong About Content Types

Gotta love Beta documentation.

Turn out that some of the material I wrote in the WSS Beta 2 SDK concerning content types is not strictly technically accurate, in the sense that it’s dead wrong. Ahem. The problem came from the fact that I was documenting content types as they were initially designed, not necessarily as they were implemented.

Specifically, here are the three things I documented incorrectly in the WSS Beta 2 SDK:

·         You create content types at the site level, and then apply them to the lists on the site (or on child sites). You do not create content types directly on the lists themselves.

·         Content types can contain references to columns. You do not create columns directly within the content type itself.

·         Child sites do not contain content type references back to site content types created on a parent site.

So as you read through the conceptual topics about content types, please keep this in mind. My apologies for the mistakes; they'll be corrected in the final version of the SDK.

Unfortunately, I also included this incorrect information in one of the content type technical posters I offered for download. So, if you've already downloaded the poster titled "Using Columns and Content Types to Organize and Mange Your Content in Windows SharePoint Services (version 3)", please download the corrected version.

I’ve attached the corrected content type poster below (at least, I have if the attachment functionality works. This is the first time I’ve used it). The guys at OfficeZealot, who are hosting the poster downloads, were also kind enough to upload the corrected poster, so the link in my original post should get you the corrected poster now as well.

And for a more complete discussion how content types and columns interact, see my earlier post right there.


Written while listening to Nellie McKay : Pretty Little Head (23 track version)


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