SharePoint Object Model Maps for Download

The guys at have generously agreed to host a few more of the large-size diagrams I’ve created for internal usage. So I’m offering up several object model maps for download. These are poster-size (11” by 17”) diagrams that illustrate key objects and namespaces in the SharePoint environment, suitable for sticking up in your office or hanging in your home as fine art.

Each object model map was created in Visio, but the downloads are PDFs for ease of viewing and printing.

Just click on any or all of the links below to download the maps you want. And leave me a message in the comments section telling me what you thought of the format, design, layout, etc. of the diagrams. Thanks.

·         The Windows.SharePoint.Workflow Namespace

Workflow is another area you’re going to be hearing a lot about this release. The diagram illustrates the classes and members of the Workflow namespace, which you’d use to associate, initiate, and otherwise manage the workflow templates and instances in a Windows SharePoint Services deployment.

·         The Windows.SharePoint.SPContentType Object

This object model map highlights the members and child objects of the SPContentType object. Content types are a core concept for this next release of Windows SharePoint Services, as I explain here. This object model maps compliments the conceptual diagrams of content types I offered for download here.

·         The Microsoft.Office.RightsManagement.InformationPolicy Namespace

I haven’t talked about information policy on this blog yet, but there’s plenty of material in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Beta 2) SDK to fill you in. (Start here.) This diagram illustrates the classes and members of the InformationPolicy namespace, which you’d use to manage the policies, policy features, and policy resources on a SharePoint Server 2007 installation.

I’ve still got a few more diagrams to make available; check back early next week for more full-color, absolutely free goodness.

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