SharePoint Object Model Maps for Download

The guys at have generously agreed to host a few more of the large-size diagrams I’ve created for internal usage. So I’m offering up several object model maps for download. These are poster-size (11” by 17”) diagrams that illustrate key objects and namespaces in the SharePoint environment, suitable for sticking up in your office…


Content Type Technical Posters for Download

The title pretty much says it all. For some of our earlier, internal technical events, I created a number of large-format (11” by 17”) technical illustrations to explain the more complicated aspects of enterprise content management in a SharePoint environment. The two posters I’m offering for download today deal with content types, a core concept…


What Are Content Types, Anyway?

One of the major new concepts in Windows SharePoint Services V3 is content types. They’re a core concept that enables a lot of the functionality in both Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server 2007, so they seemed like a logical choice to talk about. A content type is a reusable collection of settings you…


SharePoint Beta 2 SDKs Online and Available for Download

Well, as you’ve probably already heard, yesterday was a big day for us here, what with the Beta releases of Office 2007, Windows Vista, and Windows Server “Longhorn”. What you may not realize is that the Office developer documentation team has been working overtime to make sure there’s lots of in-depth developer documentation ready to…


…Annnnnd we’re back.

Okay, so it’s been months since I last blogged. But that’s not because I haven’t been busy, or haven’t wanted to. I’ve just been working on stuff that I couldn’t talk about. But all that’s about to change.   Watch this space.   Written while listening to: The Twilight Singers : Powder Burns