OneNote SDK Now Live on MSDN

Here's something that was published on MSDN last week that you might have missed: the OneNote Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Because the developer functionality in OneNote SP1 primarily consists of the SimpleImport interface, the OneNote SDK provides a full schema reference. Each element and type in the schema gets its own topic, complete with a full description and usage example. So if you're looking for detailed definitions of schema elements, this is just the reference you want.

The SDK should be available soon as a download as well. I'll let you know when that happens as well. In the meantime, check out the online version.

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  1. James YK says:

    I’ve set Maxthon to be my default browser, and in general, when I click on

    links in other programs (including Outlook), the pages are loaded up in


    However, when I click on links in OneNote, it opens IE :(.

    Any solutions?

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