Limit the List of Certification Authorities allowed for Client Authentication

This seem to be something a lot of people are interested in.   Problem: On Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 (since the MS04-011 update) you can’t use Certificate Trust Lists (CTL’s) for this target.   Reason: Previoously in IIS5 using the CTL wizard you could  ADD certificates to the list of allowed Certification Authorities (CA’s)…


Interesting problem with NavisionExample.pfx

Being back from a nice vacation in DomRep I just had an interesting issue. Upgrading to Windows 2000 SP4 from Windows 98 or Windows Me you might see problems when using the Navision Software with the German Elster Services (used to interface with the German tax institutions). Importing the NavisionExample.Pfx (supplied for Testing ONLY!) works…

The Beginning

Hi, this is my first entry to get started with blogging. In the future this should be filling with info mainly around IIS and PKI for now. ciao,  Andreas