Description goes missing on editforms

I had some trouble today finding the reason why descriptions set on fields did not show up on the editform. Turned out that Office Toolbox was installed and even though it was not active, made all descriptions disappear. Retracting the OfficeToolbox wsp solved the problem.

Beware of conflicting field static names

Recently I came across a problem where pushdown of changes on a contenttype did not work when doing a feature upgrade. The appropriate AddContentTypeField command was specified in the feature.xml template: <AddContentTypeField ContentTypeId="averylongidhere" FieldId="{133865E2-17C6-4c42-B98A-D4D09BA43714}" PushDown="TRUE"/> Digging deeper I found no errors when upgrading the feature so I was about to give up when I tried…


The good solution for versioning SharePoint 2010 webparts

Everyone who has had the pleasure of working in a team with other developers and using TFS with auto-incrementing version numbers most probably have faced the issue with webparts breaking after an increment in version numbers. This effect is not at all strange, as SharePoint keep the full signature of the class behind the webpart…

DataFormWebPart XSL variables are emtpy

If you discover that a DataFormWebPart added programmatically is missing values in its built in XSL variables, like HttpVDir or PageUrl, verify that the ViewFlag attribute is set to something other than zero on your webpart. Took me some time to find out… Also, would be nice to know what this property stands for.