LOGPARSER #23: Get OS version from users hitting your site

This script check OS version on users hitting yours site. You’ll first need a way to extract unique users. If you use Windows Authentication you can use cs-username to get unique users. SELECT     DISTINCT cs-username,     cs(user-agent) INTO     UserAgentsUniqueUsers.csv FROM     logs\iis\ex*.log WHERE     cs-username <> NULL GROUP BY     cs-username,     cs(user-agent)…


Windows 7: Testing Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows XP Mode

Installed Virtual PC for Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode (from here) and though I give it a try using Integration Features with Visual Basic 6.0. After VPC and XP Mode was installed you’ll get two new menu items and one folder for integrated apps If you click Windows XP Mode your image is started…


LOGPARSER #22: Domains referring traffic to your site

SELECT    EXTRACT_TOKEN(cs(Referer), 2, ‘/’) AS Domain,   COUNT(*) AS [Requests] INTO    ReferringDomains.txt FROM     logs\iis\ex*.log GROUP BY    Domain ORDER BY    Requests DESC //Anders


LOGPARSER #21: Get bytes per extension

This script will give you the amount of bytes sent by each file type, for example pictures, ASPX pages etc. Great if you need to work with size/performance. SELECT        EXTRACT_EXTENSION( cs-uri-stem ) AS Extension,     MUL(PROPSUM(sc-bytes),100.0) AS PercentageOfBytes,     Div(Sum(sc-bytes),1024) as AmountOfMbBytes INTO     BytesPerExtension.txt FROM     logs\iis\ex*.log GROUP BY     Extension ORDER BY…


LOGPARSER #20: Check Browser types split between your unique users

My previous post (#2) gave you browser types, hits and post (#19) gave you additional information like hits and percentage of hits between browsers. This script will give you more details as it looks at browser type for each unique user and give you the sum of that.  Note: If a user have two different…


LOGPARSER #19: Browser types with most hits/used

My #2 post gave you just browser types and hits, this script will give you you almost the same data but with percentage. Great for security checks etc. SELECT   TO_INT(MUL(100.0,PROPCOUNT(*))) AS Percent,    COUNT(*) AS Hits,   cs(User-Agent) as Browser INTO    UseragentsHits.txt FROM    logs\iis\ex*.log   GROUP BY    Browser ORDER BY    HITS…


LOGPARSER #18: Top 10 pages with most hits

Will give you your top pages with most hits and some additional data. If your top 10 pages with most hits are the same as your top slow pages and/or largest you might want to do something about it. Select    TOP 10    STRCAT(EXTRACT_PATH(cs-uri-stem),’/’) AS RequestPath,    EXTRACT_FILENAME(cs-uri-stem) AS RequestedFile,    COUNT(*) AS TotalHits,…


LOGPARSER #17: Get your broken links

This script will give you site/page refers to your content though your content has moved. SELECT     DISTINCT cs(Referer) as Referer,     cs-uri-stem as Url INTO     ReferBrokenLinks.txt FROM     logs\iis\ex*.log WHERE     cs(Referer) IS NOT NULL AND sc-status=404 AND (sc-substatus IS NULL OR sc-substatus=0) //Anders


LOGPARSER #16: Remove those Compilation Debug=True from your prod server

One thing I notice on several of my customers is that it really doesn’t matter how waterproof process you have for deploying web applications, and web.config files in particular. You’ll always end up with at least one web app somewhere with Compilation Debug = True. As you all know this hurts performance a lot, compilation…


LOGPARSER #15: Check traffic from IP addresses

Customer of mine used a hardware load balancer to distribute traffic between their frontend web servers. This script that I put together gave them a chance to check whether traffic was distributed evenly between servers (K’s, Hits), if average wait time was the same etc. 10.000 meter view what’s going on. Interesting enough customer also…