Why cant PowerShell run loops fast ?

So recently I had to write a PS script for a customer to loop through a large file and process every character. Seems simple enough and worked great on sample files, but as soon as you give large files to process the performance of PS script was really bad. I assumed it was due to…


What to do with Timer jobs in SP2013

With SP2013 one of the common question developers face is what to do with the custom code they have implemented using Timer jobs. While writing custom timer jobs can technically still be written it will be highly unadvisable to bring custom code to Sharepoint server. Here are my suggestions for my customers for using alternatives…



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Zooming in

Test entry to put myself back on the blog map.


My experiments with SPS Search and Filtering

It’s been a long time since my last log. Well I have been busy learning SPS search Filters, protocol handlers and was reading other’s blogs rather than writing. Also one thing before I start of with SPS stuff. The timeout attribute I mentioned in my last blog works only with sync calls and would not…

Specifying Timeout for remoting calls

This week while working on a case, I discovered how to set timeout values for Remoting calls which I though is pretty cool. We have missed this attribute a lot in DCOM.            We can specify the timeout attribute on the HttpChannel and that sets the time an Http request will wait in GetResponse() method of…


Introducing myself

My name is Anant Vijay Dimri and till last fortnight I was working as DSE in OLE/COM team. I worked on OLE, COM, COM Interop, Remoting technologies for couple of years now. I found remoting to be of my interest though Interop also attracted my attention from time to time. Most of my posts would be…


Passing Credentials in .net Remoting

This is my first blog, so jumping straight to the point. One intresting thing that I wanted to share for which I have not seen much documentation but people spending long hours figuring this out is how to pass credentials in .net Remoting. Basically there would be two kinds of scenarios:1. Passing default credentials: i.e…