The device gets stuck when running "Surprise Removal" test with "Run Tests with I/O" option selected in a NDIS 6.2 WWAN driver for DTM.

·         When Run Tests with I/O option is disabled, the test passes.

·         This issue can be specific to a Win 7 NDIS 6.2 WWAN driver only.

·         Compiling the same driver as NDIS 6.0 or NDIS 5.1 does not reproduce the issue.

·         We may not see any pending IRPs or reference in the miniport.

·         We may get the UserModeOpenReferences > 0.

·         We have confirmed no User mode application is doing network communication still above symptoms shows up.

·         We may get the following callstack in the dump.





























Potential root cause. ( not verified )

·         In ndisPnPRemoveDevice function we clean up a bunch of state (notify WMI, Close bindings, detach filters...). 

·         We call Miniport->DriverHandle->RemoveDeviceHandler if it is declared in ndisPnPRemoveDevice.

·         So if Miniport->DriverHandle->RemoveDeviceHandler is NULL this issue may happen as in that case for a SurpriseRemove, we will NOT call driver HaltHandler.


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