Released: Twitter Analytics for Excel 2013

Back in 2011, we released a great PowerPivot sample application to query Twitter and analyze tweets within Excel 2010. This was a joint venture between Microsoft and ISV Gold BI partner Extended Results, and the great news is that Extended Results has finished an updated version that now also works in Excel 2013! For all… Read more

Removing VSTO-Based Customizations from a PowerPivot Workbook

This article is a follow-up on a previous blog post titled “How to Build a VSTO-Based PowerPivot Workbook,” which discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of building PowerPivot workbooks by using VSTO. A key VSTO advantage is that you can bring data from virtually any source into PowerPivot even if there is no suitable… Read more

How to Build a VSTO-Based PowerPivot Workbook

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is an awesome development suite for building advanced Office solutions, such as Excel applications that go above and beyond default features and capabilities. Even our PowerPivot for Excel add-in is based on VSTO. However, it is important to note that VSTO does not define application programming interfaces (APIs)… Read more

Sample Application Released: Analytics for Twitter

This week, we released Microsoft Analytics for Twitter, an awesome PowerPivot application to query Twitter within Excel 2010 and perform ad-hoc analysis on Tweet statistics, such as time and frequency of tweets, top tweets, top tweeters, and so forth. The Microsoft Analytics for Twitter application even detects the tone score (see screenshot) based on keywords… Read more