Introducing Integrated Workspace Mode for SQL Server Data Tools for Analysis Services Tabular Projects (SSDT Tabular)

When you work with the model designer in SSDT Tabular, you are working with a temporary Analysis Services database that SSDT Tabular automatically loads on a workspace server. During the initial project creation, you must point SSDT Tabular to the desired workspace server, which must be a tabular Analysis Services instance that you can control… Read more

Bucketing Values in DAX

Let’s say I wanted to analyze query performance on my SQL database. I have a log that has all the queries, the time it took them to run and the total records that were returned. I want to look at how the size of the results impacts the performance of the queries. I pull my… Read more

Quick Start Guide Released: Learn DAX Basics in 30 Minutes

Never had the time to learn DAX? Now is the time! Author Owen Duncan just released a DAX 101 course as part of the DAX Resource Center Wiki to help you learn DAX basics quickly and efficiently. The title says you can do this in 30 Minutes, but don’t rush it.  Take your time. Enjoy… Read more

Removing VSTO-Based Customizations from a PowerPivot Workbook

This article is a follow-up on a previous blog post titled “How to Build a VSTO-Based PowerPivot Workbook,” which discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of building PowerPivot workbooks by using VSTO. A key VSTO advantage is that you can bring data from virtually any source into PowerPivot even if there is no suitable… Read more

Whitepaper and Samples Released: Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) In the Tabular BI Semantic Model

Happy New Year 2012, everybody! With the release of SQL Server 2012 ante portas, this is going to be a very exciting year. So, let’s start this year with a release announcement: An updated version of the whitepaper “Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) In the Tabular BI Semantic Model” is available for download at Authors… Read more