Time Intelligence Functions in DAX

One of the most common calculations performed in data analysis is to compare some number to a comparable number for a different time period. Calculations that make comparisons to last month or to the same period from a year ago are very important for any business intelligence tool. Toward that end, DAX introduces 35 new… Read more

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Measures in PowerPivot

Introduction to DAX Measures It’s been a while since I talked about the DAX formula language in PowerPivot, and wanted to take this opportunity to present some examples showing how DAX formulas can be used to define measures in PowerPivot. Before we get to the new functions and examples, let me review some basic points… Read more

Introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Gemini

Gemini and DAX Extend the Power of PivotTables Excel PivotTables are not new, but Excel PivotTables that are based on multiple tables of data are new with the Gemini add-in for Excel 2010. This new capability in Gemini is a very powerful tool for data analysis when combined with our new DAX expression language. Looking… Read more