Online Analysis Services Course: Developing a Multidimensional Model

Check out the excellent, new online course by Peter Myers and Chris Randall for Microsoft Learning Experiences (LeX). Lean how to develop multidimensional data models with SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services. The complete course is available on edX at no cost to audit, or you can highlight your new knowledge and skills with a Verified Certificate for a small… Read more

Model Comparison and Merging for Analysis Services

Relational-database schema comparison and merging is a well-established market. Leading products include SSDT Schema Compare and Redgate SQL Compare, which is partially integrated into Visual Studio. These tools are used by organizations seeking to adopt a DevOps culture to automate build-and-deployment processes and increase the reliability and repeatability of mission critical systems. Comparison and merging… Read more

What’s new in SQL Server 2017 RC1 for Analysis Services

The RC1 public preview of SQL Server 2017 is available here! It includes Dynamic Management View improvements for tabular models with compatibility level 1200 and 1400. DMVs are useful in numerous scenarios including the following. Exposing information about server operations and health. Documentation of tabular models. Numerous client tools use DMVs for a variety of… Read more