Tabular Database PowerShell CmdLets available on CodePlex

JuanPablo just released an interesting cmdlet library to manage Tabular Models using PowerShell. It builds on the Tabular Model with AMO project, which JuanPablo introduced a few months ago in his blog article Creating a Tabular Model with AMO – New Version SQL 2012. So there you have it! Go to, download the compiled DLL or the source code and manage your tabular models via PowerShell. There’s even a sample PowerShell script that demonstrates various uses. Want to create a new tabular database on an AS Server?

$datasourceOledbConnectionString = ‘Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorksDW2012’

$connectionName = ‘AdventureWorks Tabular PowerShell 2012’

Add-TabularDatabase $server $databaseName -datasourceOledbConnectionString $datasourceOledbConnectionString -connectionName $connectionName

Other than creating databases, JuanPablo’s PowerShell CmdLets enable you to create tables, relationships, columns, calculated columns, measures, and hierarchies, manage partitions, roles, users, and row-level security, and work with partitions. So, if you want to create full-featured tabular Analysis Services models on the fly, get JuanPablo’s Tabular Database PowerShell CmdLets and happy scripting!