General Why is Microsoft involved in HD DVD?Microsoft supports HD DVD because the mandatory player features such as persistent storage, picture-in-picture, and network connectivity lead to greater interactivity and a better, more consistent user experience.  Read more in the white paper available at ThisIsHDDVD.com: http://www.thisishddvd.com/Downloads/WhatIsHDDVD.pdfWhat is HDi?HDi is Microsoft’s implementation of advanced interactivity for HD DVD.  Players…


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Development Resources Introduction to HD DVD Authoring Interactivity Jumpstart Kit HDi Sample Code Getting Started with HD DVD (includes link to Jumpstart Kit and samples) How Do I Get Started with HDi? (from Peter Torr) Planning and Producing HD DVDs (PDF) User Forums Microsoft HD DVD Interactivity Authoring Forum HD DVD Software – AVS Forum HD…


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