Installing HD DVD Interactivity Jumpstart on Vista

You were so excited about the Vista launch that you preordered your copy of the new operating system and are now basking in the beauty of improved interactivity and security, only to find that when you try to install the jumpstart package you get the “Microsoft Interactivity HD DVD Jumpstart requires a Windows XP operating…


HD DVD Resources

Development Resources Introduction to HD DVD Authoring Interactivity Jumpstart Kit HDi Sample Code Getting Started with HD DVD (includes link to Jumpstart Kit and samples) How Do I Get Started with HDi? (from Peter Torr) Planning and Producing HD DVDs (PDF) User Forums Microsoft HD DVD Interactivity Authoring Forum HD DVD Software – AVS Forum HD…


Getting Started with HD DVD

So, you’ve been tasked with creating a menu for an HD DVD and don’t know where to start.  Lets start out by getting the (free!) Microsoft HD DVD simulator and some sample code installed on your machine.   Hardware Requirements  First, let’s make sure you have the right computer.  You will need to be running Windows…


Interesting People and Their Blogs

Web Development Tools @ Microsoft Brad Bartz Vishal Joshi Andy Pennell Donnie Pinkston     


Allow me to introduce myself

As this is my very first blog entry on MSDN, I thought I would start it out by introducing myself to my readers.  Okay, as of this moment, I have zero readers.  I am hoping that that will change and that this blog will be a useful resource to HD DVD application developers. My name…