No Regrets

Yesterday was some day, huh?  Even though rumors have been rampant for over a week now, it doesn't make it any easier to hear.  Toshiba's going to discontinue the HD DVD business.  It seems that's all anyone's been talking about.  Engadget ran a snarky article on what you can do with your HD DVD player

You know what I did with my HD DVD player?  I went to Amazon and bought more HD DVDs for it.  And then I watched Queen:  Rock Montreal - which is pretty freaking awesome. 

I do not regret choosing HD DVD.  I bought my A2 for $250 and it came with 5 free movies by mail - though, not quite as good as the people who bought it in the last few months for $199 or less with 5 free movies immediately plus 5 more by mail.  I have a modest collection of HD DVDs which I have enjoyed watching.  And, it upscales my standard def library.  Even now, the other format doesn't have players for $250.  And, prices on those players are predicted to go up.

Right now, the two top selling DVD players- overall, not just high def - are Toshiba HD DVD players which tells me that I am probably not alone in my thinking. 

To everyone who's been following along on this blog for the past ten months, thanks for reading.  I hope to bring you more interesting code samples on new exciting technologies in the not too distant future.

 Happy Programming 🙂


Comments (2)

  1. mark says:

    i hope you will continue your blog on iHD for those of us who are looking to create content for our personal use (and knowledge). i don’t plan on going blu till prices go down and there’s a finalized profile that matches what hd-dvd had to offer, but by then, we should be on to the next technology.

  2. HD Fanatic says:

    I’ll keep you in my blog list, hopefully one day you can blog about Xbox Live downloads with HDi.

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