How do we uninstall Just the replication component in SQL 2008 ?

In order to uninstall just the Replication component in SQL 2008 we need to do the following:

Method 1

1) Go into Add/remove programs and choose the instance in question :

 2) Click on the Uninstall/Change button

3) Click on Remove when the landing page is launched :

4)Select the instance again (we need to select the SQL engine and not the shared features component)

 5)Select the Replication sub feature :

 6)After this we can click on 'Next' till we get the complete button .

Method 2

From command prompt :

1)Browse to the setup media form the command prompt and execute this :


The windows will come up indicating the progress, when it comes to the select features box we see that Replication comes pre-checkmarked

A quick view of the summary.txt will yield the following :

ACTION:                        Uninstall
  CONFIGURATIONFILE:             C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20100915_132511\ConfigurationFile.ini
  FEATURES:                      REPLICATION
  HELP:                          False
  INDICATEPROGRESS:              False
  INSTANCEID:                    <empty>
  QUIET:                         False
  QUIETSIMPLE:                   False
  X86:                           False

  Configuration file:            C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20100915_132511\ConfigurationFile.ini

Detailed results:
  Feature:                       SQL Server Replication
  Status:                        Passed
  MSI status:                    Passed
  Configuration status:          Passed

Following the above set of steps will ensure that we uninstall the SQL replication component without hampering the Main SQL instance

Amrutha Varshini J
Microsoft SQL support



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    Is the procedure same for clustered instance also.

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