Visual Studio couldn’t connect to IIS 7.5 using FPSE

Update: 01-Aug-2011


FPSE for IIS 7.5 (Windows 2008 R2\Windows 7) is available now for download from the follwoing link:


Original Post:

Trying to create a new website on IIS 7.5 remotely using Visual Studio 2008.

Unable to create new website. Visual Studio giver error message that Front Page server extensions are not installed on the server.

IIS 7.5( Windows 2008 R2 server) doesn’t support FPSE.
< 7 and the FrontPage Server Extensions>

There is another way we can achieve the same, and that is using WebDav.

The following article explains the steps we need to follow to do the same:

1.     Installing and configuaring Webdav on the server.
2.     On the client machine, run the following command in command prompt. Use “Run As administrator” to open command prompt. This will map the drive to webdav site.
net use X: http://servername:port/
3.     In VS2008, Create new website. Use File system option and enter location as the mapped drive location i.e. X:\Website1

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