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These days, while working on SSIS 2005 (SQL Server Integration Services), I came across a porting issue. My SSIS packages ran fine on my 32-bit dev-box. But as soon as I ported them to 64-bit deployment machine, I started getting errors on connection managers, my connection managers could not connect to the respective data sources.

The thing to note here is that though the 64-bit editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 include Integration Services, some Integration Services features are available only in 32-bit versions, or have limitations on 64-bit computers. For one thing, the ODBC, OLEDB and drivers for Office 12 files have a different 64-bit version. So, if you have tested your SSIS packages (and the connection managers there-in) on a 32-bit machine, they might not behave similarly on 64-bit machine. 

For the SSIS packages that really don't make use of the 64-bit processor, the SSIS project property Run64BitRuntime can be set to False. This is a instruction to load 32-bit runtime environment rather than 64-bit, and your packages would still run without doing any plumbing work. The property can be found under SSIS Project Property Pages -> Configuration Properties -> Debugging.

You can find more information on 64-bit Integration Services considerations here


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  1. These days, while working on SSIS 2005 (SQL Server Integration Services), I came across a porting issue

  2. Robin Wesley says:

    I ran into trouble while deploying packages to the 64 bit system. Packages run perfect in 32 bit dev and 32 bit test environment.

    The package is not visible in the UI of Server Mangement stdio, But is available under /90/DTS/Packages/Package

    When i execute from here i get errors.

    Followed your advice and changed the Run64BitRuntime to False.


    DTS_E_OLEDBERROR – "connection timed out"

    "SQL Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance specified"

    Am i missing something.

  3. RahulChavan says:

    Hi..I am facing same problem for SSIS on 64bit.

    Please help me to sort it out..

    Thanks in advance

  4. MartinGraves says:

    I am running SSIS on 64-bit 9.0.4207.  I have a package created in 32-bit environment, but try to run on 64-bit and get the following error.

    "The task cannot execute in 64-bit environment because the script is not pre-compiled. Please turn on the option to pre-compile the script in the task editor"

    I am not running this in BIDS, but I am running pkgs via 32-bit inhouse written "Webservice" running on the 64bit server, against 64-bit SSIS.  The Webservice is making the call to the DTEXEC, capturing the outputs/logging.

    Once I have made the "pre-compile property of the script task to TRUE" (plus those steps) I can run without the error.  

    We have 100’s of packages for migration from older 32-bit 2005 SSIS to 64-bit 2005 SSIS.  I saw older posts / blogs where folk knowledgable with MS claimed this was fixed in 2005 SP2, but is not, as I am on 2005 SP3 + CU#1.

    Does anyone know if this has been fixed by MS?

  5. Moin Ul Haque says:


    I think this may solve your problem

    or else you guys might have to install this fix

    Hope this helps.




  6. Unfortunately, gents – the Run64BitRuntime property ONLY applies to running packages interactively through BIDS.  If you’re running your packages with DTExec or through SQL Agent, you need to do something different.  I recommend reading "64-bit Considerations for Integration Services":

  7. WarrenW says:

    Thanks for the imformation above!  It helped with my situation perfectly. :S

  8. Binod says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks a lot , i was facing the same issue . after set Run64BitRuntime  to false realy its work

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